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Welcome to Vista Smiles of Columbia!

Patients are like Family


Columbia SC Dental Care

Vista Smiles centers their business on the client. They have a very high reputation and one of the best in the area. Vista Smiles uses all the latest technology, and most of their clients have been referred by family and friends.

Dental Services in Columbia SC

Sedation Dentistry

If you feel anxious when visiting the Dentist Columbia SC you can be reassured that Dentists Columbia SC will help you feel at ease. With sedation dentistry, you will be conscious, but will feel no pain, and no needles will be used in any of the treatment. You will be monitored at all times, and will always have a member of staff with you.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers will provide you will straighter and whiter teeth without having to be in braces for a few years. The patients of Dentists Columbia SC will have perfect smiles by having chips hidden, stains masks and misalignments corrected. They are made for a thin layer of porcelain, and put through the Cerec 3D System at the Dental Clinics in Columbia SC, that is slid over the teeth to give them a straight, uniform and clean look.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are sometimes called caps, because they look natural and cover the teeth snuggly hiding any discoloration, cracks, chips or injury. They are made at the Dentist Columbia SC by using the Cerec 3D System, and the patient usually only needs one visit to the dentist. The crowns represent normal teeth as close as possible, and are very durable.

BriteSmile® Whitening

BriteSmile® Whitening will help remove discoloration and yellow stains from the teeth, such as tobacco, coffee and other foods that stain. The teeth can be made to look about nine shades lighter than the normal tooth, and treatment only takes one single hour. The gel is applied by the Dentist Columbia SC to the teeth, and then activated by ‘blue light’.