illustration of teeth with an implant tooth in the middle


A dental implant is often the best way to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth! Dr Phillips has the experience and the training to help you replace your missing teeth with dental implants. He plans the whole process from start to finish making sure that the results are what are needed. He acts like the quarterback in directing your care: most of the time, your entire care can be handled by him, all under the same roof.

A dental implant is a natural, biocompatible way to replace your missing teeth. The implant, made of space age titanium alloy, meshes with your jaw bone to give you an incredibly stable. Whenever a tooth is lost, the jaw bone will shrink where the tooth root was. A dental implant is the only way we can stop the bone loss. The implant will preserve your precious jaw bone!

After the implant is placed in the jaw and allowed to heal, Dr. Phillips can use it to anchor a corwn or bridge or denture, to give you the look and feel of natural teeth. Dental implants restore lost chewing ability, improve appearance, end embarrassment, and give real self-confidence to patients who need them. Implants can replace one, many, or all of your missing teeth or loose fitting, wobby dentures. They are a real breakthrough and blessing.

tooth implant illustration